And so it begins… “You will never see me blog!”

And so it begins… “You will never see me blog!”

Once upon a time, Jenni swore, “Oh gods, no! Blogging is a dirty word. It sounds like something you wipe off your shoe. You will never get me to BLOG… Yuck!” When Brandon pitched the idea to Jenni…There was a lot of yelling. Over time, along with your help of asking questions, we wore her down. Good work, fam.

The day has come. While we refuse to call it that-thing-that-must-not-be-named, Jenni and Brandon have decided it’s time to share some of our thoughts and opinions from time to time.

What, you may ask, has driven us to such madness?! Well, the reason is we receive a myriad of questions concerning herbs, natural remedies, how to handle this and that, about life, nature and the sacred.

Jenni and Brandon both have backgrounds in writing and so we thought we owe it to our community to share the stories of the generations and wisdom we’re gaining. Our aim is not to create a dry educational resource, but to inspire new meaningful ways to connect and interact with the natural world, while remaining true to the old ways.

We’re not foolish enough to think we’re experts in all of herbalism, and truth is there’s no such thing as it takes many lifetimes of learning. We know we will never be done learning, yet we will always strive to share what we know and speak our truth. Walk with us as we immerse ourselves in the green path. We will share stories, quips, thoughts on life, simple how to’s, gardening ideas, herb profiles, interviews, and the occasional rant. I mean, we are pretty good at sarcasm, fit throwing, cheeky banter and naughty word play. We got it all for you.

“Our vision is to follow in ancient footsteps along the green path, planting seeds in our prints as we walk,” – Jennifer Parsons

As we compile a list of topics we’d like to discuss, we know many of you have questions and ideas of what subjects you want us to write about, so please don’t hesitate to comment below or email us your suggestions. We want this to be a community project. With each step we take, we won’t promise gems of wisdom, but it’ll sure as hell be entertaining. One thing we will promise, however, is we will try hard and do our best! We are excited to connect with you.

Brandon Elijah Scott & Jennifer Parsons

Brandon Elijah Scott & Jennifer Parsons

Brandon is a wanderer and world traveler, an author and artist, a herbalist as well as a photographer, thinker, designer, nature lover, and seeker of truth and wisdom. Jenni is a life long herbalist who is a book obsessed, nature lover, who follows the old ways, and who lives and loves by wit, wisdom, and community.


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I am very interested in learning more about foraging herbs and medicinal qualities of plants.
Is there a program you recommend? I am a “baby” in this and very much need to start in the basics. I also need the accountability of a program to keep me focused—lol any suggestions?
Thanks for starting blog. Excited to learn. New to your products but love them so far.

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