Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you tell me more about Woodland Herbal?

A: Woodland Herbal, LLC. is made up of a family of four generations of herbalists, and we hand make everything available in our formulary. We’re based in Warsaw, Ohio. For generations, our family has lived with a strong connection to the natural world and have found results in the ancient wisdom of the old ways. At Woodland Herbal, we focus on making all natural remedies and body care products that help and heal, and provide hope where there was none prior. While many of our recipes and much of our plant knowledge have been passed down through the generations, we continue to grow, learn and research.

We are made up of Brandon Scott, Leah Scott, and Jennifer Parsons. We are passionate owners who have a hand in every detail of every product. We are completely dedicated to designing and producing wellness products that have a positive effect on your everyday quality of life and wellbeing.

So, in providing alternatives to the chemical and toxin-riddled products that dominate the market, as well as the pharmaceutical medicines that have more side effects than positive effects, we see an opportunity to do several goods and right several wrongs. In offering a choice for all who need it, towards a natural and healthy living, we can shine a light where ignorance was, offer education and work towards a better tomorrow for all.

Q: How does Woodland Herbal give back?

A: For years, we've planted a local Ohio tree for every item sold. Since 2020, we have focused on the bees and butterflies, converting an acre of previously deforested land into a field of wildflowers that cater to our beloved pollinators. In 2020, your support funded the planting of 1,106,400 seeds! We will continue planting Ohio wildflowers for every item we sell, so with your patronage, we can grow a better tomorrow.

Q: What is Woodland Herbal's sustainability policy?

A: We reuse everything we can, from cardboard boxes to shipping air pillows. We never buy plastic shipping materials, so if you receive one, that's us reusing one that was sent to us from a supplier. A vast majority of our brown paper is reused from what suppliers send us. We recycle our cardboard, brown paper, printing paper, packing materials, plastic jugs, and as much plastic as can be recycled. We use tins for our teas and salves so that our customers can reuse them over and over again, instead of adding to the single use plastic issues of our society.

Q: What is the Woodland Herbal promise?

A: At Woodland Herbal, we focus on creating the best possible recipes each and every time. We ask ourselves, "How can we make this better?" and we push the product to be its very best. We spare no expense and work with many rare and exotic plants from all around the world. We source organic herbs directly from farmers and international traders, and always focus on top quality for optimal medicinal effect. We make our products fresh to order, which is why we don’t ship the same day you order. We’re a small family and not a factory, so making the highest quality product with love takes time. 

We offer a quality you can't buy in stores, as our products are handmade and crafted by our family of herbalists. We employ great research, time, love, and positive intent in all of our recipes, and we use only the highest quality of natural ingredients known to man.

Our products are all natural, free of harmful chemicals and are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. We fuse the knowledge and experience of four generations of herbalists into every product, with a whole lot of love and positive intent. Always small batch recipes and Ohio handmade. We can also provide custom remedies, so please feel free to reach out to our herbalists Brandon and Jenni. We strive to make the absolute best product possible, while providing the best service we can. If anything is wrong with your order, please give us a chance to prove we will work tirelessly to earn 5-stars.

Q: Where can I follow Woodland Herbal online?

A: You can keep up with our family and our travels, and find out about news and new releases by joining our newsletter below. Also, you can follow us on Instagram at and on Facebook at

Q: Are your products natural?

A: Yes. At Woodland Herbal, you're paying for the finest quality. Our medicinal herbs and mushrooms are always Certified Organic, wildcrafted, or are ones we grow in our own gardens which are always grown organically and without chemicals. Our topical products are made with beeswax and lanolin sourced locally or from quality crafters in the USA. Our plant extracts are made in-house and we use only 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils in our recipes. While we ensure that as many of our ingredients are organic and non-GMO, there are a few ingredients that are natural yet do not claim either of these distinctions or grades, therefore we can not always label our own products as pure organic, because many of our ingredients are sourced directly from talented farmers and other herbalists. We will never sacrifice quality for profits. Additionally, we reserve the right to make the best sourcing decisions we can with what options are available; for example, there are rare events like a down year for a grow crop, or during the busy holiday season where we may have no choice but to use a natural grade ingredient instead of a certified organic ingredient.

Q: Are your products made in the USA?

A: Yes, all of our products are made in Ohio, with the exception of pottery which is handmade in Minnesota, some tea infusers, and a few packing materials like tins, bottles and bags. Though, most of our tins are made in the USA too! We are an artisan-based company, which means we hand blend our teas, hand pour our medicinal salves, hand whip our beauty creams, and we make our own medicinal plant extracts from scratch with years of expertise, while also having a hand in choosing the finest quality ingredients available.

Q: What is your turnaround time?

A: We are a small family operation and not a factory, so we almost always make every product after an order comes in. To provide such high quality made-to-order freshness, we require a few days to produce everything and to have it ready to ship out. We have yet to ship out an order late in the past two years, but supply chain issues can sometimes force us to delay an order by a few days, although that's very rare. We typically ship out within 1-3 business days, but we give ourselves 2-7 days just in case we have to order supplies to fulfill an order. Customers will receive an email once their order ships out. Please note that while we have a 100% on time ship rate, the USPS can sometimes delay orders, and when it says 1 day shipping at the checkout screen, that's not a guarantee and will likely take a few extra days to arrive. No matter what USPS estimates as far as shipping time, we still need our production time to turnaround top quality product. We can not be held responsible for shipping delays that are outside our control and no refunds will be given for weather-inspired or USPS delays.

Q: Is your facility licensed?

A: Yes, Woodland Herbal, LLC.'s production facility holds an active certification for Retail Food Establishment License by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Coshocton County Health Department. We operate a food safety certified kitchen in category: Commercial Class 2 <25,000 Sq. Ft.

Q: What is aromatherapy?

A: Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils and extracts from medicinal plants to improve well-being and aid health of the body, mind, and spirit. This practice can influence and support both physical and emotional wellness. Aromatherapy activates areas in your nose called smell receptors, which send messages through your nervous system to your brain. Aromatherapy inhalers can be employed for on-the-go remedies to a range of ailments and complaints. We recommend inhaling slowly for 10 seconds in each nostril and repeating as needed, and for added benefit, you can pair this practice with meditation.

Q: What is a tincture?

A: Tinctures are very potent blends of medicinal plants extracted in a liquid base, usually grain alcohol. These extracts can be used for dietary supplementation and are very easy to use, as they can be ingested directly (though, they may burn a little on the tongue), which is the quickest way for the natural chemicals of the plants to enter the bloodstream. Or, you can simply add the drops to a beverage. Tinctures can be cleaner than most dietary supplements and they provide the ability to dose in much smaller amounts, where needed.

Dosing with tincture extracts can be a bit of a process for new users. The reason is everybody reacts differently to medicinal plants, so it's best to start slow with a few drops and work your way up to the dosage that works best for you. For first time users, try one drop and wait a few hours before trying more. Although reactions are extremely rare, they do happen from time to time. Stomach upset is the most common adverse reaction, so if you experience an upset stomach, dial back your dosage or discontinue use. Always take tinctures with food and never on an empty stomach.

Q: What is loose leaf tea?

A: Loose leaf tea is simply the form we offer our tea blends in. Teas are blends of medicinal plants, which are steed in boiling water before being enjoyed as a beverage. This mechanism of introducing medicinal plants into the body is as old as time. Traditionally, herbal medicine wasn't processed in factories and bagged into wasteful tea bags. Loose leaf tea offers the user the opportunity to use whole plants, which means you know exactly what's going in your body. By purchasing teas made by our family of herbalists, you know these plants are organic or wildcrafted, and clean, and you can trust there are no synthetic fillers.

Take 1-2 TSP of loose leaf tea and place into a tea infuser, strainer ball, or an empty tea bag and steep in boiling hot water, stirring often (typically 5-15 minutes until color of hot water changes and aroma of tea fills the room). Some teas contain bitter tasting herbs (i.e. Down the Rabbit Hole and Purple Haze) and should steep for less time, at a slightly lower temperature; meaning you can let the boiling water sit for 2-3 minutes before pouring over the tea herbs to lessen the extraction of bitter compounds. Add honey and sugar to your taste preference. 

Although reactions are extremely rare, they do happen from time to time. Stomach upset is the most common adverse reaction, so if you experience an upset stomach, dial back your dosage or discontinue use.

Be careful when opening sampler size tea tins, as they can seal very tight and can be a little difficult to open. Large tea tins do not have this issue and are sealed differently. Sampler tins can be opened by holding tight on the bottom of tin with one hand and then with the other hand gently turning until the seal breaks and lifts up. All of our tea tins are very full, as we want you to know you received your money's worth, however, this means they can spill upon first opening, so we suggest opening these over a plate to save your herb.

Q: What is a salve?

A: Salves are topical ointments that are applied to skin to help with a variety of ailments and skin conditions. They are made with medicinal plant extracts, essential oils, natural butters and waxes. Medicinal plants are heat extracted into carrier oils, which can introduce the natural chemicals into the bloodstream and are used as a localized approach to healing certain ailments, discomforts and complaints.

To ensure no adverse reaction is possible, place a small amount on the inner arm and wait a few hours before continuing use. Salves should go nowhere near the eyes, especially if they contain menthol, camphor, peppermint, spearmint or wintergreen. If you experience a burning sensation in the eyes, wash your hands very well and then run cool water into the eye until the sensation subsides. Some beauty creams can be tolerated beneath the eye lids, but some people might find they are sensitive to a plant extract or essential oil within the topical ointment. If this occurs, discontinue use near the eyes. Salves and creams are for external use only.

Q: What is a liniment? 

A: Liniments are very potent blends of medicinal herbs, spices, and resins extracted in 70% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). Though similar to tinctures, liniments are strictly made for external use only. DO NOT TAKE BY MOUTH. 

Liniment is a medicated topical preparation for application to the skin. The water like viscosity allows for instant and deep penetration directly to affected muscle, tissue, and joints offering immediate relief and quick evaporation on the surface. Liniment can be applied directly to affected area using fingertips or cotton ball whenever relief from pain, inflammation, swelling, and bruising from an acute injury and flare-ups from old ailments is needed. Simultaneously warming and cooling, it quickly eases pain from sore muscles, sprains, strains, breaks, dislocations, arthritis, lumbago, gout, varicose veins, sciatica, joint pain, and muscle spasms. 

Universal Relief Liniment contains a number of natural powerful ingredients including menthol, camphor, and capsaicin, simultaneously producing a feeling of warmth and cooling within the muscles and joints and also acts as rubefacients, dilating the capillaries and increasing blood circulation to the area to help relieve both acute and chronic pain. Capsaicin is the active ingredient in cayenne peppers that make them hot. When rubbed on the skin, capsaicin causes a sensation of heat that activates certain nerve cells. With regular use this heating effect reduces the amount of Substance P, a chemical that acts as a pain messenger in the body. Our Universal Relief Liniment also contains herbs that are anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain relieving), antispasmodic (muscle relaxing), and both warming and cooling. Our liniment does NOT contain wintergreen oil (methyl salicylate), the ingredient used in many commercial heat rubs and liniments that can become toxic if used in excess or with heating pads. 

As with all Woodland Herbal products, we encourage you to test a small amount on a spot like the inside of the wrist or elbow to test for allergy and reactions before applying to a large area of the body. Seek medical attention right away if you experience severe burning, swelling, or blistering of the skin where liniment is applied. Liniment liquid is flammable, do not store or apply near open flame. Wash your hands well with soap and water after applying unless you are using this formula to treat your hands. Avoid contact with eyes, nose, or mouth. If you do make contact with these areas flush with plenty of cool water. Do not apply to skin that is injured or irritated. Do not transfer to a spray bottle for ease of use, as inhaling atomized tincture containing capsaicin can cause much discomfort. Store liniment at room temperature in a place away from children and pets. Seek medical advice before use if pregnant or nursing. If accidentally swallowed, seek emergency medical attention or call the poison helpline at 1-800-222-1222. 

Q: What does infused or herbal infusion mean in your ingredient lists?

A: An infused means that certain therapeutic herbs, plants, roots, and flowers are infused into our products. Similar to how tea leaves are infused in hot water, we can extract the medicinal properties, aroma and taste from plants into oils and other natural carriers.

Q: How do I get the most out of your sleep products?

A: For best results, maintain a healthy set and setting, which means control your mindset and the environment where you will sleep. If you are using your phone or watching TV prior to bedtime, you will be tricking your brain into thinking the light emitted from these devices is the sun, due to the blue light of modern screens. When that happens, your brain ceases production of its natural sleep chemical melatonin. Also, maintain healthy and clean sleep habits, like clean sheets, do not eat at least two hours before bedtime, and do not take stimulants or energizing herbal products several hours before bedtime. All of these variables can affect your ability to get to and stay asleep

Ideally, follow these guidelines for optimal balancing of sleep patterns: Allow yourself 8-10 hours of time to sleep. Have a clean and comforting space to sleep, so keep your sheets and blankets clean, your room dark, cool, and cut down on any lights or distractions that may negatively affect your sleep routine. Before bedtime, avoid eating two hours before bedtime, and avoid stimulants for 4-5+ hours prior to bedtime. Drink a sedative tea like our Purple Haze, Blue Galaxy, Down the Rabbit Hole or Sweet Dreams 60 minutes before bedtime. Avoid all screens, bright lights, and stimulating activities. Dim the lights, read a book, listen to soothing music, and meditate to calm the mind. Then when ready to goto bed, rub Twilight Cream on your feet, wrists, temples and breathe in the aroma for the aromatherapy benefits. Then, relax the mind with meditation or calming music at a low volume until you begin to fall asleep. Sometimes picturing yourself falling down an endless hole like in Alice in Wonderland can help some people fade into sleep. Sometimes a comforting and familiar audiobook can help, if you already know what happens and don't need to hang on every word to know what's happening in the story. Other folks do better with a noise machine which can mimic rain or gently crashing ocean waves.

Q: Are your products safe for children?

A: The way we approach child safety is that most herbs are safe in moderation. Consider the dosage for a child based on body weight versus an adult. So if an adult can safely drink one cup of tea, a seven year old that weighs around 50 lbs. can have 1/3 of the tea, so water it down. For salves, be sure to perform a spot check, where you ensure there will be no adverse reactions, so place a small amount on the inner arm and wait a few hours before continuing use. Extracts can be used in very small amounts, diluted in a beverage. For example, a calming tincture may be used for a seven year old, but one single drop would be our recommended starting place. We never suggest use of potent extracts or essential oils on children under three, and we only use gentle herbs and simple recipes on babies as they are so small and fragile. As always, run the ingredients and method by your doctor or a medical professional, as we're not doctors.

Q: How do I ensure I won't have an allergic reaction?

A: Always perform a spot check on the inside of your arm. Apply a small quantity of product to skin, smaller than the size of a dime, and then wait several hours. We only offer our opinions and resources based on research, product testing amongst ourselves, and customer reviews. We are not medical professionals and can not advise on ailments, treatments, nor allergies. Ingredients are listed as a courtesy to provide you with every opportunity to avoid allergic reactions.

Q: Will my pharmaceutical medications interact with these herbal products?

A: It is indeed possible for a pharmaceutical medication to interact with a herbal ingredient in our products. If you regularly take any medication, it is especially important that you consult your doctor or a medical professional prior to use. We are not medical professionals and can not advise you further on safety recommendations. We have a Herb Warnings page that can provide further information, but this information is not complete and is not meant to replace advice from your doctor or medical professional.

Q: Is there an expiration date on your natural products?

A: We hand make all of our products in small batches to ensure optimal freshness, consistency, and potency. Our products are not made to sit on store shelves for years and years. Although there are natural preservatives within the chemical structure of many of our natural ingredients, they are nowhere near as potent as the synthetic preservatives used in commercial products to prolong shelf-life. All of our products are made every few weeks and none are very old when they are sold. Our products should be opened within 6 months of purchase and generally used within a year or so from purchase. Since we add no preservatives or chemical stabilizers, the more important question is, "How long will the product last once it has been opened?”

Teas can last 5+ years if sealed in an airtight container, and stored in a cool, dry and dark place. UV light offers the biggest threat to dried herbs and tea leaves, as prolonged sun exposure can turn leaves pale and zap them of their potency, aroma, and taste. Salves and creams can last 1-2 years if stored in a cool, dry and dark place, however, dirty hands touching the salve over time can speed up an expiration date. Tinctures can last 1-2 years if stored in a cool, dry and dark place.

Once opened, herbal skin care products become exposed to dirt and microorganisms (i.e. bacteria, yeast, or mold) that are found in the air and on the skin. As soon as you open and begin to use any product, simply the way in which you use it will affect its lifespan. So, when using a salve or topical, always put clean hands in the product, as this will assist in preserving a longer shelf-life.

Tip: Write the date you opened the product for the first time on its label so you can keep track of the time since opening.

Q: What do I look for when my product has expired?

A: If your product has gone bad, there are a few telltale signs to look out for. For salves and creams, the texture will have changed as well as the color and scent will also have changed drastically. There will be a greasy, rancid smell. There’s no mistaking it. Oils will also take on a similar rancid scent profile like when food spoils. Tea and other dried herbs don’t go bad, but will lose potency over time. If you notice these characteristics, or if tea herbs have turned pale, scentless, and flavorless, it’s best to discard the product.

Proper usage can assist in extending the shelf-life of a natural product, such as avoiding contamination, which is why we advise always to use clean hands when touching the product. Always leave the lid on and sealed tight, because leaving a product open to the air and elements can cause the product to lose scent (same thing happens to candles and soap over time), change color, and lose potency. Always store your natural botanicals in cool, dry, and dark places as light and heat can effect the product quality and potency.

Q: Can I threaten or demean the Woodland Herbal team?

A: No, you may not. We have a no tolerance policy for argumentative, disrespectful, or hurtful communications. We will not respond to arguing, angry messages, or threats. We will respect peaceful and fair correspondences. We have the right to peace, as we believe all persons do. Have respect for us and our policies, or do not order from us. We reserve the right to cancel an order, ban a customer, and turn away business at anytime, for any reason. We provide this highly specialized service to help those in need, and we do not have time for entitled people who either want the rules to bend to their will, or who demand something for nothing.

Q: What is Woodland Herbal's disclosure policy?

A: Woodland Herbal, LLC. products are not reviewed by the FDA. We do not make any claims, promises, or about the health benefits of any products. All statements are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent disease. We only offer our opinions and resources based on research, product testing amongst ourselves, and customer reviews. These products are intended to support well-being and overall awesomeness. Use at your own risk. We are not responsible for accidents, misuse, or adverse reactions. Everybody reacts differently to plant-medicines and caution should be taken at all times. Always seek advice from a medical professional or primary care physician.

While we are four generations of herbalists, we are not doctors. We do not make health claims, offer health-related advice, nor can we diagnose conditions. The information provided on this site is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or any health-related concern. The information on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on the Woodland Herbal site.

For more information on disclaimers and disclosures, please click link at bottom of this page.

Q: What is Woodland Herbal's refund policy?

A: Due to the nature of our business, being that we are a small family run business who focuses on providing top quality products with a quick turnaround, we can not accept cancellations, returns or exchanges on any product in our shop. Woodland Herbal's products are small batch and are made-to-order and are often started the same day an order is received. Therefore, we can not accept cancelations, returns or refunds. We are not responsible for shipping issues with the USPS or any postal service. All international orders are at your own risk, and no refunds will be given for lost or returned packages. All sales are final.

Additionally, we are not responsible in the event a customer incurs postal service issues, such as delays, delivery exceptions, returned packages due to incorrect address or import fees due, unclaimed packages, customs denial, or any issue resulting from domestic or international postal services. The customer must take up any issues with those particular postal services or governmental agencies. If a package is returned to us, the only next step is for the customer to purchase a new shipping label, which the customer is responsible for. We do not provide refunds for these issues, as we will have already made product fresh to order, and we have paid our employees for their hard work and time, and have committed the ingredients to the order at customer request. We are not responsible for customs contact or any international correspondence with postal or governmental agencies pertaining to any order, which is why we warn that all international orders are at your own risk.