Please feel free to send us a message through the contact form. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible, hopefully within the next 24 hours. If we do not, please be patient as we're a family of busy bees.

If you're writing to inquire about your order status, we must ask that you wait until a full 5 business days have elapsed before asking the status. We require up to 5 business days to make product fresh and to ship it out. This is due to the fact that we're a very small family business, we are not a factory, and we make a wide range of natural medicines fresh to order. Please be patient with us. 

If you have questions about dosing or how to use a product, please read the FAQ page here. For safety concerns or how to handle adverse reactions, please contact your doctor or medical professional, or call 911 in case of emergencies. To contract us, you may email us directly at