Solstice Spice Tea *Limited Edition* Organic Chai Tea to Warm the Soul, Boost Mood


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Our Solstice Spice Tea is a specialty loose leaf tea that we will make once a year in November. This delicious organic tea is made up of a blend of natural flavors and herbs that bring the holiday season together in a cup of goodness. This soul warming tea brings together the best flavors from our favorite time of the year, like top quality Ceylon Cinnamon sticks, spicy Clove bud, luscious Cardamom seed, tangy Ginger root, immune-boosting Rosehips, delectable Nutmeg, and delicious Black Tea, along with bursting citrus of Orange Peel and organic Apple, with a touch of Tellicherry Black peppercorn for warming spice. We only make around 250 tins of Solstice Spice every year, so don't miss out!

Our medicinal loose leaf tea blends are effective for a range of medicinal uses, and they all taste amazing. Even the ones with the least tasty herbs, because we focus on a fulfilling blend that meets our medicinal intentions and expectations, as well as our taste palates. We grow and forage for a lot of our own herbs, and all are organic.

[Soul Warming + Taste Bud Loving]
Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks* (Cinnamomum verum), Clove Bud* (Syzygium aromaticum), Cardamom* (Elettaria cardamomum), Ginger Root* (Zingiber officinale), Rosehips* (Rosa canina), Black Tea* (Camellia sinensis), Apple* (Malus domestica), Orange Peel* (Citrus sinensis), Nutmeg* (Myristica fragrans), and a bit of Tellicherry Black Peppercorn* (Piper nigrum).

* Made with Certified Organic herbs.

Size: 1.2oz (34 grams) or 10-15 cups of tea

Take 1-2 TSP of loose leaf tea and place into a strainer ball or an empty tea bag and steep in boiling hot water, stirring often (typically 10-15 minutes until color of hot water changes and aroma of tea fills the room). Add honey and sugar to taste.

Please note: Be careful when opening sampler size tea tins, as they can seal very tight and can be a little difficult to open. Large tea tins do not have this issue and are sealed differently. Sampler tins can be opened by holding tight on the bottom of tin with one hand and then with the other hand gently turning until the seal breaks and lifts up. All of our tea tins are very full, as we want you to know you received your money's worth, however, this means they can spill upon first opening, so we suggest opening these over a plate to save your herb.

We will plant 100 native Ohio wildflower seeds for every item you purchase to support our beloved and endangered pollinators. Thank you for your support and patronage.

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