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Wildman Beard Oil - Premium Oil Blend for Healthy Soft Hair, New Growth, Aids Dandruff and Itch

We specialize in plant-based medicines, so one day years ago, we decided to craft the best natural product for beard care that's as close to a medicinal treatment as possible. Our premium Wildman Beard Oil starts with a heat infusion of nutrient-rich, hair loving Stinging Nettle and growth stimulating Rosemary in a blend of moisturizing and healing oils (like jojoba, argan, black castor, coconut, vitamin e, and more), then we finish with a fragrant blend of essential oils and plant extracts.

Brandon is an avid beardsman as many know around central Ohio from our live events. He's put a lot into this recipe, so much so he feels he can't possibly make a better beard oil with what grows natural around the world. Our medicinal Beard Oil is effective for soothing irritation and itch, cutting dandruff, moisturizing and conditioning the hair, while stimulating the hair follicles which inspire new growth, and daily use can tame the wildest of beards... and it'll make you smell amazing.

WILDMAN is a unique blend of 15 essential oils and plant extracts handmade by our herbalist Brandon. Wildman is an intoxicating aroma with a sweet, woody muskiness which evolves over the hours of use. At the beginning, you will notice notes of spicy citrus and sandalwood, which evolves to patchouli, lavender and bourbon, and throughout the day, your senses will find traces of pine forests, beds of rose and fields of lemongrass.

Ingredients: Rosemary* and Stinging Nettle* Infused Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil*, Black Castor Oil*, Vitamin E, with a fragrant blend of Essential Oils and Plant Extracts*.

* = Confirmed Organic ingredient. While we focus on all natural for the selection of our ingredients, some products come straight from the source and have not been confirmed by a government agency as 'organic.' For all ingredients that carry an official organic label are marked here with an asterisk.

Size: 1oz.

Turn bottle over against the palm so a small amount of oil remains, then work evenly through facial hair until absorbed. Finish with stiff bristle brush to tame and stimulate hair follicles. We prefer boar bristle brushes. External use only.
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